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There's a buzz going on about Root Candles, and we're here to get in on it!

Root Candles was featured on Cleveland’s WKYC “It’s About You” this weekend. Think Root Candles for all of your Holiday gift giving needs! We are just a short drive from Cleveland and Akron, located in Historic Medina.

Meet our new line for this Holiday season: Holiday Tradtions!! Enjoy 4 delectable new fragrances: Cassata Cake, Pizzelle Anisette, Pistachio Meringue, and Sweet Potato Pie.

Cassata Cake: Juicy strawberry is the top note of this succulent dessert candle. Fruity notes soon drop down to spicy berry maple notes complemented by white cake, vanilla, and sweet cream.

Pizelle Anisette: Warm Bakery notes emit from freshly pressed pizzelle cookies that are infused with sweet anise, warm cinnamon maple and sweet creamy coconut. A touch of bergamot recreated the lemon zest that is only found in Grandma’s traditional recipe.

Pistachio Meringue: The sweet nut fragrance of smashed pistachio tops the buttery cookie notes reminiscent of egg whites whipped to their peaks, combined with amaretto creme, vanilla ganache and just a hint of cocoa powder.

Sweet Potato Pie: Ground nutmeg mixes with freshly ground cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, butter rum, and maple sugar complement the buttery natural sugars of the freshly roasted sweet potatoes. Mix in some subtle bakery notes, and you have the traditional sweet potato pie.

Available in crystal wax filled containers (2 sizes) and smooth square pillars (3 sizes) that will fill your home with warmth, ambiance, and holiday style. Included in the packaging of the large size glass container and large size pillar is a dessert recipe to begin a holiday tradition of your own.

Find the entire line on our website and chose your favorite Holiday Tradition today. Save 20% off your purchase now through October 27.