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Every little bit helps

In a follow up to last week’s post, here’s a little more insight into how Root Candles is helping the Bees: a message from our Bee Culture Magazine Editor, Kim Flottum.

"The A. I. Root Company’s Pollinator Friendly garden program is being staged over several years, and in several stages. In 2012 we installed a small planting, and four working beehives on the front lawn of A. I. Root’s home on the south side of Liberty Street, and at the same time, planted the tree lawn in front of the Corporate Office on the North side of the street with several varieties of pollinator friendly plants, including cone flowers, sedums, several varieties of thymes, bee balm and lavender. Our soil here doesn’t seem to favor another plant…Lupines…and they didn’t survive our poorly drained soil, shady location and hot temperatures. They are going to be replaced this year with more of the cone flowers, which are thriving. Watch as we complete the next three stages over the next few years in front of our store, and behind our parking lot of the North Office building. We firmly believe that our pollinators are struggling and are doing what we can to help them with enough good food, all the time"

Want to help? Plant Pollinator friendly plants in your own garden! Get some great ideas from our Pinterest page or join us for the Garden Tour. Bees are vital to our ecosystem, so help save our favorite little bug, the Honey Bee!