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There's a buzz going on about Root Candles, and we're here to get in on it!

One table, 3 cheery views! Revamping an accent table can freshen up a room and bring it to life!

The secret is to keep it simple! Stay neutral or add a pop of color using pillar candles or candle holders. Swap out the colors as the season changes or add a bouquet of fresh flowers as they bloom. Make a statement by displaying a unique decorative bowl. If no kids or pets are roaming around, place an eye popper under the table.

Tealights in a holder offer a chance to show off your personality and when lit, add a soft glow to the room. You can always find fabulous DIY tealight holder ideas on our Pinterest page.

Changing up your decor can be easy and elegant with no reno or painting required. You may even catch yourself smiling as you walk by!

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