the Buzz Bin

There's a buzz going on about Root Candles, and we're here to get in on it!

On Saturday the Orville Railroad Heritage Society pulled into Root Candles for a lunch and shopping trip on their annual Fall Foliage Trip. Over 300 people disembarked the train behind our production facilities. The travelers enjoyed a lunch, shopping, factory tour, and a bee demonstration. This was the first time we’ve offered a bee demo and it was the highlight of the day.

On the front lawn of the historical A.I. Root Homestead, amongst the flowers and plants of the Pollinator Garden, people gathered in a screened in tent. Floyd, our VP of Operations and bee enthusiast, sporting the recognizable beekeeper’s jacket, bravely coaxed the bees out from the hive. He spoke all about honeybees and the workings of the hive. It was like time stood still as we brought those busy, buzzing creatures back to where it all started. And don’t worry, not a single person was stung!